About The CEO 

Ta’Rheeyn L. Green, a young African American girl, who has permitted her creativity and imagination to take a life of its own and develop the unique characters of Skynbrace. Ta'Rheeyn drew and created these characters when she was just 11 years old. It was important for Ta’Rheeyn, now 14, to showcase the underrepresented shades of beautiful black skyn, when it comes to children’s characters.

Brand Promise

Skynbrace LLC, promises to be a safe haven for all the unique girls and women in the world. A place that through our products we will continuously show up and empower the community through our diversity.

Onlyness Statement

Skynbrace is the only brand that celebrates young girls and women around world because of their differences, and what the world may describe as flawed. Our creed is to embrace the perfection in the imperfection.

Mission Statement

Skynbrace is a company with a message of diversity. It's our goal to inspire all girls of color, no matter their hue. While we all may look different, we are all the same! We provide tools and products that give emotional aid and understanding to help young girls celebrate and embrace the skyn (skin) they are in!

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